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LINC Malt Tap Takeover at Cochinito

Cochinito will feature six beers brewed from locally sourced Inland Northwest ingredients.

Each beer is made with LINC Malt and will be served until each half barrel is gone. Local Inland Northwest Cooperative opened the Malthouse in May of 2016. This event is an opportunity to learn the story of regionally sourced ingredients and enjoy the flavors enhanced by local brewers. Joel Williamson, the Maltster of LINC Malt and Bill Myers, the farmer who grows the Baronesse Barley at Joseph’s Grainery in Colfax, Wa, will both be on hand for the evening. Come find out why Malt Makes the Difference!

Plus, on the menu for the night at Cochinito and paired with the beer:

- Tacos featuring LINC Foods produce farms delicious Spring vegetables (the menu items will be updated closer to the event date).
- Free appetizers prepared by Chef Travis Dickinson.

Beers on tap will be:

- Cochinito Lager - Bellwether Brewing - An amber lager with lime zest and juice.  Germans were the primary folk to bring beer to Mexico in the 1800s.  For that reason, Mexican beer has a strong tie to German brewing.  The Cochinito lager pays homage to that history and expressed PNW terroir.  All of 100% of the grain in this beer was grown less that 75 miles away from Spokane and malted in Spokane Valley.  Locally grown and malted Baronesse Pilsner malt, Munich malt, and Crystal 40 malt come together for malty, bready amber fermented with lager yeast at cellar temperatures providing a crisp, clean finish.  Just a bit of lime zest and juice brightens it up and makes for excellent pairing with the entire Cochinito Taqueria menu.

Marzen - This Badass Backyard Brewing - 5% ABV 27 IBUs is brewed with local LINC Malt Munich and Pilsner. It has an initial malty sweetness, but finishes moderately dry. A distinctive and complex maltiness includes a mild toasted aspect. With a medium body and moderate hop bitterness from the Hallertauer hop.

Palouse ESB – Black Label Brewing - 5.6%ABV 26 IBU. This is 100% made with Palouse Pints locally produced English Pale and caramel malts. Then we balance with a mix of aromatic and spicy hops. 

Summer Wheat - Genus Brewing - Baronesse Pilsner, Munich; Cashup White Wheat; 141 Triticale

Boiler 5 Red IPA – Steam Plant Brewing - 5% ABV, 68 IBU - The latest edition to our Boiler IPA series is here. Brewed with local LINC Malt, grown in Clarkston and malted in Spokane. Washington grown Cascade, Zeus, and Citra hops lend both a citrus fruit and earthy hop aroma and flavor.  Balanced by a blend of caramel and Munich malt for a bit of a malt backbone.

Baronesse Pilsner – Whistle Punk Brewing, 5.7% ABV - fermented with a traditional German yeast strain and lagered for 30 days. Nutty, with notes of pear and banana. 5.7% ABV.